Grab a little something to surprise your friends and disturb your enemies.

I'm always open to commissions. I charge to the complexity of the piece and the time it takes to finish.

$5 for a simple sketch.
$25 for a simple piece.
$50 for a good piece.
Figure around $12.00 each hour I work on the piece.

Interested? Send me an email and we'll talk about what you want and price.
I'm reachable through natchevil at

Like my artwork? Want a more material version? Try one of my prints. Each print is put on an 8 x 10 glossy and is signed by the me.

Unfortunately, I can only ship in the US for now. If you'd like a print outside the United States, please send me an Email at natchevil at Maybe we can work out something.

First of the Usher set. The Sol Niger is the god of Purification in Black Fire. In this case, we're talking about the dead, but killing isn't the way purification works. The Black Sun likes numbers, so the number of graves, skulls, and Eyes is an overture to the rest of the story.

The text in the background is a clip from the Unnameable by H.P. Lovecraft. Sol Niger's original name was the Craft of Love and I thought the quote would be funny. I guess just to me.

Second of the Usher Set. The Red Identity is as straight forward as this set comes. It is the back of a woman important to the story "The House that XXXX built." Red-ID is the Goddess of Transcendence. The text in the background is the steps listed in The Stone of the Philosophers by Edward Kelly. Only the numbers have been changes to fit the theme set by Sol Niger. More on that later, as the story progresses.

Third of the Usher set. The Albedo is the Goddess of Enlightenment and Compassion. She has to be compassionate to give just the right amount of knowledge, and as such, she knows how much to tell and how much to hold back. Enlightenment isn't granted, it's earned.

Another little joke is the text int he background. It is the Fall of the House of Usher by Poe. Obviously this is a nod to how important the house is in the story. Oh, notice how the trees lean toward the only source of light? I like that.

Want the full set of Usher? All three of this set of prints for only $35 bucks. Save 10 bucks? Why not. All three, of course, will be signed.