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Friday the 6th of May 2011
Whatever work of fiction created in whatever medium chosen and whatever you may think: The author can feel his readers.

There is no way to explain it. Perhaps it's a quantum-aether property of reality, but I feel you reading this. It feels like a breath of life in each character reflected in your mind. Saffron Cinderella Sativus lives in our minds and the more she stirs, not necessarily as a malevolent presence, the more vivid the urge to draw her I feel.

When I wrote the last 6 pages, I was upset, angry, frustrated, and horribly stressed. I screamed through my pens and damn near shut the whole website down. It was through the interventions of good friends and fans that made me change my mind and the last page of the comic from a message of hate and death to the one of rest you see above. And good Lord, grant me rest. Little cracks in my mind are opening under pathological stress and I'm so tired all the time.

No rest for me, yet. Not yet. There's still the Black Prett story I'm working on. There's still Saffron's story I plan to finish. There's still a wife I must look after and fan's I must appease, just not right now.

Listen. Hear that hum from your computer or the drone of the office or the low volume hiss of silence in the background you can't get rid of? That's my head fizzling, and I'm in no shape to work with Saffron right now. It is not strange that I'm shifting my focus on an angrier, more vicious personality like Black Prett. When he's in my head he sounds like the crackling of a burning orphanage, not the methodical dripping of virgin blood that Saffron gave. And I think that's a good thing. Expect to hear more from Black in the future.

Okay, to business.

The website stays up. The front page will change to reflect the current state of the comic. Just head to and I'll change the front page when I'm back with Saffron again. In the mean time, the Forum is up and still jumping and I will be leaving news there of the Black Prett Story. Just check the Study. Also, I have a youtube Channel where I leave my Let's-Plays, but that's more fun my own fun. The channel is at if you are interested in hearing me when I'm not freaking out. Also, I'm told I've swallowed a Black man. I'm actually quite Mexican.

What else can I tell you?

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