The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 9th of March 2011
Okay Okay. We're all okay here. I'm okay, My wife's Okay, my friend is okay. It was a little scary, but everything is fine now.

To tell the truth, you should be frightened by how okay we are right here. I mean, we're abnormally fine. Abysmally, disturbingly, cool and content. The kind of peace that makes skin crawl and eyeballs roll in their sockets. We're so okay, the devil weeps tears of pitch and Vatican sinks an inch into the earth. Rivers ran backwards for a second and twelve babies were born, spoke strange words in perfect English, then died. In Australia, a woman looked to the sky and saw a bleeding sun. The salts at the bottom of the ocean shifted to the north with such sudden violence that the mute creatures below screamed in vain. Death cut his wrists and cried to god for mercy and in the echo-less void of space, unknowable alien kind fell suddenly and without reason into genocidal pools of vitriol.

So, I'm fine.

How are you?

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