The Mike Says...
Monday the 7th of March 2011
I'm beginning to hate X-Beyond the Frontier, if you keep track of my Let's Plays. There are now 2 other Natchians with Let's Plays, I might as well make a spacial forum for it, or something. But back to X, my save was deleted and I went nuts. I'm back on track, now, but that was 15 hours of work down the tube, and it may not be X's fault. I think it was some trouble when Windows was repairing my file tree. There were other files lost, and that did nothing for my temperament, by which I mean temper.

Bleh, I gotta go and scream at the wall or something. Yeah! Take THAT wall! Bet you won't look at me that way again.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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