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Tuesday the 8th of February 2011
Today, I did a comic! WHEEE!!! Now I'm off to ignor stuff again. WHEEE!!!

No, realy, I'm actually looking into doing another Novel. I bought this book called “90 Days To Your Novel” by Sarah Domet. Sarah means Princess and the Internet tells me that 100% of Domets are from Liverpool England, so I can only imagine she's a lost princess of the Kingdom the Beatles came from. I have no idea if that's right.

Sarah, if you'r reading this, Email me and tell me of your home land.

Meanwhile, I plan on making a sequal to my first novel, Annalow, but do not plan on publishing it at all. It's a mess that needs help from the finest book-doctors in Liverpool, and I know none of them. Perhaps one day, when I re-write that fucker. Maybe I'll plan that for next year, but not soon.

I away with the wind to play more Minecraft and throw socks at my cat.

Peace Ouch.

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