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Thursday the 3rd of February 2011
Wow! I'm late!

So, I'm poking around in my brain and reading books and trying to gather some inspiration. I swear to god, I am. I'm trying to build up that spark in my head and run with it, then I figure I can finish my Outline that I lost and start writing the new comic. I swear, that's what I'm trying to do...

Well, the good news is that inspiration hit. The first time it hit, I was like “YEAH! I MUST write this down!” But the bad news is it wasn't about Natch. It was about Kagy.

The second time, I was like “OMG, LoL, That's a sweet idea that may propel me into the stratosphere of awesome!” But the bad news it it was about the Annalow Story I wrote last year! You know, the one you guys didn't get to read. Ugh.

Okay, change of pace. How about I set a time in the morning and start free writing and, I don't know, hopefully the story will just come to me.

Are there any writers out there? Will this work? Someone help me on this. My email has always been natchevil at

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