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Friday the 21st of January 2011
I must be quasi bi-polar, because I keep getting in these moods I call “Blah Moods.” It's the Meh again, stuck somewhere in my head and it usually happens after something depressing, scary, or exhausting.

This time round, it was a scare, I guess. And a couple of other things that went on this week, proving my proactive philosophy wrong again. We had fun durring my wife's brithday, playing games and getting sushi and stuff. I found a good place I might start role-playing at, and that's pretty cool, not to mension a good way to meet people...

But last night I scared myself good. I was in a hurry, after recording some gameplay for my Let's Plays, and yanked away from the computer, tangling my foot in the head phones, and tugging the who tower onto the floor. In protest, the computer froze and spazzed out. “YAY!” I thought, “I just destroyed my computer!” That would have been nice. Unfortunatly, I had more urgent conserns and had to wait until much MUCH later to find out if the damn thing would even turn on again.

For a nerve wracking 30 minutes, I was afraid that my computer was irreparable. Thoughts about how I would continue the comic filled my head and/or what I was going to do about it. No computer means I lose some pretty hard to replace hardware and software, and hope for salvage was all I had. Forget Minecraft, I was worried about my old copy of Photoshop that I've been using for the last seven years. I've long since lost the disc for it and a new copy goes for $150 minimum! Yeah Yeah, there is GIMP, but GIMP at it's best isn't Photoshop 7.1 at it's worse.

Fortunately, when I got home, I cleaned out the Tower and checked all the PCI slots were intact, dusted the inside, and double checked all the conections. It turned on, got past POST, and windows booted up. All systems check.

And now the only damage is just...Bleh.

I'mma edit some videos. It's not usful, but at least it makes me FEEL useful. I'll talk to you next week.

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