The Mike Says...
Friday the 7th of January 2011
So, I'm playing Minecraft last night on, and they claim the chaos came. O_O I had no idea what they were talking about. What chaos? Then the Chaos happened.

No one really told me, I had to guess as to the server's name. Oh man. The huge number of people on at once was chaotic enough on a pirate themed island with ships and such, but then night fell and the ghasts came out! I read someone's chat “Are the Ghasts friendly?” and on cue a fire-ball hits the light-house, or it sounded like that, anyway.

If your interested, I highly recommend you get ready. It's an anything goes kind of world with more water than land and comes with an underground ocean to travel. I jumped into the water with a boat and was almost immediately cut down by a wooden sword.

Fun? You bet. Dangerous? Hell yes, it is. But go back to that fun part.

Anywho, if you guys play Minecraft, I hang on both and Check it out.

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