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Friday the 17th of December 2010
I honestly try to remain consistent, because if there's anything that makes a good webcomic, it's consistency. I've said this over and over, but I can't grasp it. Yet.

The thing is; I want Natch Evil to keep going and be the best comic it can be. I want to make a living drawing Natch Evil. In order to do that, I have to at least keep my readers and that boils down to...Consistency.

So, in November, I did a lot of thinking about my goals in life and how best to achieve them. I'm not looking to get rich, I said to myself, I just want to be able to keep living and keep drawing. This seems to clash with my feeling that the comic should also be free. I know it doesn't, it just means I need to break down my needs and come up with ways to fund the comic. Doesn't help my guilt that my wife works two jobs, nor the distractions of daily family life, but I can't let life get in the way of living, I just need to work with it.

[B]tl;dr-sum up:[/B] The NaNoWriMo challenge made me realize that I AM able to finish something I've started, and I'm able to do it with my core principals as an artist, rather than against such values.

Will it make Natch Evil a better comic? Yes. Will I keep to my promise of consistent updates? We'll see.

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