The Mike Says...
Thursday the 2nd of December 2010
It's December and it's frankly time to get off my butt. I've been overly neglectful of my forum and my website, not only the comic aspect, but the commissions, as well. I know I said I'de be focusing on the pictures f money. My only excuse is I got caught up in the flavor of vacation and enjoyed many a night digging a ridiculously large strip mine in Minecraft. I also developed a taste for creating Let's Plays, which I think I will continue on the weekends.

But enough, you crave more Saffron and I crave to draw it. I've learned much from writing my novel. Ironically I learned about doing what I said I'd do and keeping it up. As of now, I've completed the NaNoWriMo challenge with a 52,261 word book. WOO! So, let's get into some Natch Evil and get ready to rock!

Peace Ouch, Bitches!

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