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Friday the 29th of October 2010
First thing's first, I really wanna thank DJKID for Inking what was basically something I threw together in about 20 minutes. Check out her DA account, her Youtube Channel, and flood both with hugs and kisses for her work.

That over, I'm taking a break from the comic. Don't wine, this comic's free. I'll be back in December to pick up where I left off and hopefully I'll have better skills and a novel under my belt when I return.

You want somethings that may update that are not comic related, check out my Youtube Page for Let's Plays, my Deviant Art for updates on my training, I sometimes show stuff on Livestream, and I'm logged into as Grimwit so you can egg me on through my email, natchevil at gmail dot com.

You ask why I'm taking a hiatus?

The short answer is, I can't take this right now. I'm burning out, Natch wise. I got a Mom in the hospital, a wife with two jobs, pressure to make money that may or may not be imaginary, and a horrific Minecraft addiction. I'm freaking out, and I need to relax for a month. This is sort of stupid, since I hardly update anymore anyway. The difference will be not having the comic weighing on my mind in November.

I need to recharge, guys. I love you, and things like this month's comic is a perfect example of how frick'n awesome my small cult of fans are, but I can't think about this right now. What did my friend, Chuck, say? Too many irons in the fire? So this autumn month I have only three goals:

1. I'm still taking commissions and will finish the 'Natchians In Space' comic, and any Avatar's you guys want. I will be limiting my output, tho, for quest number two.

2. I plan to do some training. I'm going to track down and read up on tutorials and artistic training. If you have some websites you'd like to share, email me. I'm trying to focus on texture and colour.

3. I have entered into Nanowrimo to try and kick start the creative juices. Yeah. I'm stupid like that. So, hopefully, by the end of November I will have a 50,000 word novel. Wish me luck, guys. I'm going to need it.

After every thing's said and done, I hope to come back a better artist and have a stronger grasp on my muse. Yes, I do still intend to try and make a living off of comics. Yes, I do still intend to finish THIS storyline with Saffron as a child. I just need time to sharpen my saw and I know, if you like this comic, that you're cool with that.

See you in December.

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