The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 6th of October 2010
It is interesting when you allow a game to teach you more than the game itself. Kind of like looking at a bit of garbage and discovering the nature of th universe. No one will believe you, of course, nor will they bother to look, but the wisdom is there.

In Minecraft, I have found addiction, but also a sense of industry. If Minecraft teaches you anything, it's that the worthwhile things to create tend to be huge and take a lot of time. Minecraft has taught me Industry.

So, I put the game down for a bit and looked at my Library and said I need to clean this place up. I doubt, very much, that many have done this. Putting down the game in turn to alter one's physical world. Still, I blame Minecraft for the need to alter my library so it looks better. And it does. I just ned to find a good place to put all my art supplies. Perhaps I will build a stand for them. Also, I need a new bookcase for the rest of my manga. I got good shelves for the comic books. Maybe an artist table...yeah..yeah...I'll be right back, I gotta go build stuff.

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