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Monday the 27th of September 2010
I find myself constantly in a state of control and lack there of. Fluxing at a Frequency of about one month. This is very disturbing and completely unreliable in a field where consistency is of primary necessity. I do wish to work on what I wish to work on, hoping and praying that if I do what I love, money will follow. It is not from lack of desire, but rather...I don't know. Maybe we shall call it a lack of self Discipline.

Here is the next page in the Saffron story. You will probably get one more such page this week, and next week I hope to have the rest of this chapter. We shall see, as there is more involved than just following logical progression. Writing these stories is kind of like playing solitaire Chess.

Aw well. Today, I hope to start releasing the pages of the Commissioned Comic, Natchians in Space and the Cannibal Planet.


L8R, G8R.

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