The Mike Says...
Tuesday the 21st of September 2010
K, Here's the deal.

Am currently working on a large commission I wish to complete by the end of the week. Also, I have only two more pages of the current Natch Evil comic written and I require more time to write the last five pages. Also, I have a Youtube account that, for some reason, has issued with one of the songs I used (did you know Sony owned the rights to Spanish Flea? Huhn). Finally, I'm freaking out over a strange and new bout of melancholy that I'm almost over. I need to work, and Natch doesn't pay the bills.

This all boils down to Natch taking a week off or so. To the Natchians who paid for Natchians in Space, I will have your order done efficiently and effectively, trust me, it'll be worth the wait. To everyone else, you'll just have to check the forum for updates on the Commission Comic.

In the Mean time, please feel free to fritter about on my Youtube Channel or whatever. Link-a-roo!


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