The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 15th of September 2010
Ugh, God. Today was hard to get through. I had some bad insomnia last night. Evern watching my rerun shows couldn't put me to sleep. Kept having images of girls in blood soaked cathedrils stuff in my head, and there arms were bound in cages of iron and wood. The floors were paved with broken shards of obsidian rusted with blood of the bare feet of fleeing naked children from hulking axe wielding horrors that feel nothing. The stained glass was red with darkness shining through like a reverse geometry, and only the creeks and jingles of chains swinging from the ceiling, holding the necks of the innocent, could be heard.

It was distracting. I'm just saying. And I'm tired. My eyes are heavy and my member is hard. Wait, did I type that or just think it. Man. It's time for a nap.

Also, still playing Amnesia, if you care. Check it out on my Webtube.

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