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Wednesday the 8th of September 2010
Hey, everybody! I'm doing a Let's Play of Amnesia: The Dark Descent!

Natchian Youtube Channel here. It's a hobby, sort of, and honestly doesn't take more time than just editing the videos. I would be playing the game anyway, but as I've mentioned IN the videos, I was freaking out and if I'm going to be screaming for my life, I want to record it.

Some notes about what I've learned in Let's Plays. First, the video driver seems to be important. New Video drivers don't really mean better frame rate when using FRAPS. Also, FRAPS cannot record from programs that do not use OpenGL or DirX. So I may have to use CamStudio if I want to LP a DosBox game. Finally, editing programs are nice, but Windows Movie Maker seems to do the job. The trouble with Movie Maker is I want to compress the files into a 720p HD format, which takes less HDD space than you'd think, but none-the-less requires about an hour each video. Compression, therefor, is done at night when I'm not drawing the comic or playing games, but I can at least watch movies, like my Spoony One archive.

By the by, FRAPS takes up almost no room, but the resulting files made from recording takes up Gigs of space. If you plan to LP, free up plenty of Hard Drive space. FRAPS also splits up movie files into 4 gig chunks, which means you NEED an editing program to string them together. Also, I've found since I listen to Audio Books and previously Downloaded Podcasts as I draw the comic, I can then upload the new movies to Youtube while I draw. Neat.

Expect me to at LEAST finish Amnesia.

Peace Ouch.

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