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Wednesday the 1st of September 2010
I never did get to the last habit, did I? The last habit is one of Renewal, known as Sharpening the Saw.

When we think of vacation or getting the weekend off, we think of relaxation, which is important, but obviously not to extreme. Eventually we must return to work and continue our earthly struggle of life. With rest, the thought is, we can return with more vigor.

However there can and should be more to relaxing then rest. There is the thought that we take them time to think about our goals, adjust our direction, and renew our resolve to fulfill. The saw dulls over time and we must sharpen it, not just put it down, so that it shall serve us better afterwards. We look back on how we work and what we want to change. Was there a way we wanted to organize ourself differently? Was there a way we wanted to sell something? Some goal we didn't achieve? Some method we wanted to try instead? Can we better ourselves in the future?

One of my rules, Rule 2, is that Weekdays are for work and Weekends are for management. This is my form of renewal. The hope is to adjust myself according to how the previous week went. I sharpen the saw on weekends, you see. Make no mistake, we need rest, at least once a week, otherwise we dull under the pressure. The stress builds up pathologically and threatens to fracture our will until we snap like some unfortunate post office worker. I don't want to burn out drawing. I want to make it more efficient. That's why I have rule 2.

Next time I remember, and barring some unforeseen Dwarf Fortress related accident, I will give a summery of what I think about the 7 habits.

Peace ouch.

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