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Monday the 30th of August 2010
Trying new things. Trying to adapt the ship, I guess. Trying to figure out what works and what doesn't in regards to my situation as a freelance art-er/comic-er. It's a new sensation, like setting sail for the first time into unknown oceans with no idea how long it'll take to break new ground.

Poet and I sat in our room this weekend talking about how I should set myself up and I wanted 5 rules (why start with 5? Why not? I can alter it later). I thought it was important to set some actual rules regarding my work day. The trouble with being your own boss is that you are your own boss. Up until now, I've been trying to do this free form. Bleh. That's not working, so we try something new. Here are my rules, so far, for how I operate:

Rule 0: Rules may change once a week during weekends for the purposes of adapting to current situation.

Rule 1: I work from 8:30 to 2:30 with a 30 minute lunch and a ten minute break.

Rule 2: Week days for work, Week ends for management, a.k.a. pondering rules and setting weekly tasks.

Rule 3: During work, no visual stimuli. e.g. no more watching Daily Show or NCIS while I work. ( is very useful here. I'm currently listening to 1950's sci-fi radio dramas).

Rule 4: Try to finish 7 set tasks in a week. (I had to alter this slightly because I didn't remember until after I set this week's task that I had two commissions. I still have 6 things to do this week as of now.)

Rule 5: 1 task at a time until it's finished. No multitasking. (That also means I can't hang at my chat rooms in the middle of drawing nor pull up AIM like I sometimes do. But then my fans know how hard it is to get me in chat.)

So far I'm...sort of sticking to the rules. I have this strange craving for Dwarf Fortress, but I at least hold it off until after work hours. I have an organizer that I check every morning and the rules are written on the front page with my seven tasks written on the week section.

Being you own boss means being your own leader and your own manager. Remember, the leader says “Let's set course for that way!” and the manager says “Let's get there with efficiency!” The worker lifts the sails and pulls anchor.

Here we go!

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