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Wednesday the 4th of August 2010
I don't like to hold things back. A problem my wife has with me, especially with commercial television. We are poor, unemployed, people wearing on the welcome of her parents. There are, however, a list of topics that I would no more tell you than I would flash my cock and balls to the Pope. These weighted issues hang heavy on my heart and that's the only hint you get.

Today I cried in my wife's arms. It was freeing and painful at the same time, much like what a confessional is supposed to mimic. It hurt, but it meant a lot. When was the last time you cried about something you don't talk about? God, what a feeling.

What does crying change, tho? Nothing. Why is it important? Because it represents the build up of emotional toxin I needed to bleed out. I pray it made an impression on my psyche. That my tears should help me gain wisdom and a better understanding of my relationship with my wife would be the highest amount of product in exchange for pain, because my feelings for her are immeasurable. She is, after all, the closest I've let anyone get.

Plus, that's the correct term, “bleed out.” It is not a pleasant feeling, but it's so important. I used to wonder, at time of my bachelorhood and times over my last year of marriage, what the purpose of loving someone is. Like REALLY is. Where does love take its place in the landscape of human existence. I say this to you, children, adults, and friends that crying alone means nothing in the face of crying in the arms of someone you trust with your heart.

It's painful, but it's important.

It's necessary.

Peace ouch.

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