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Monday the 2nd of August 2010
Wow, where to start.

Okay, One, I tried to Livestream me drawing and it taxed my computer to near breaking point, so that's a no. Maybe for something else, like movies or stuff. Two, my wife may get that job she wants. That'll be awesome, but I still want to be able to support us with my art anyway, so I'm looking into making a t-shirt for Natch. Three, Betrayal at the House on the Hill Second Ed is coming out and that's fucking AWESOME! Four, we watched Logopolis this last weekend, and that was awesome. And finally, I hate ticks.

Poet, my loving wife, is fearful of spiders and clown spiders. So, today, I made fun of her cuz I found a spider on the chair. Only when I showed it to my Dad-in-law, he said it's a tick. And that's when I cleaned out the whole office area, pulled everything off the floor and had my wife vaccum. Cuz I hate ticks. I'de rather have leeches. They're okay, if gross. Ticks suck. I hate 'em. Kill them all.

Oh, and Five, Plants v.s. Zombies rocks my socks off.

Peace Ouch, yo!

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