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Friday the 30th of July 2010
Alright, a couple of tequila Sunrises later, and we're on habit three: Put firsts things first.

The essence here is time management, which is a clever way of saying do things in order of importance. You organize things in your head in four separate categories. In order of priority:

1.Important and Urgent 2.Important and Not Urgent 3.Not Important and Urgent 4.Not important and not Urgent.

Paying bills fits into that first category. Exercising into Number 2. Number three has things like answering the phone. And Video games fits neatly in number 4. Just as examples, of course. The trouble with most people, myself included, is that we bounce between 1 and 4. 3 take care of itself, because we always feel it's urgent to take care of it. We neglect the most important category: Important and not urgent.

This is why category two should be above the not important things. It's prevention, or building social links, or organizing the office. It's as important as, say, showing up to work on time, it's just not as urgent.

When Art is your chosen profession, like mine, practicing drawing and sketching fits into cat.2, but drawing the comic on time fits in Cat.1. 9_9 I realize I need to practice. Also advertising the Natch Evil site is a Cat.2 item. If I plan to make money, people need to know I'm here.

This chapter in the book, I think, is the most important to me. It's where I have the greatest distance to improve upon. Next week, we'll talk about the more social habits. See you on Monday.

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