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Wednesday the 28th of July 2010
And then there is the second habit in this book I've experienced. It's a simple habit and my friend, Chuck, favors it.

Begin with the End in mind.

Simple, yes? When building a house, draw up the plans first and don't stray far from the plans. The chapter takes it to its logical extremes, however. Covey doesn't just say, build a house. He says to build a life. Start living with your end in mind. How do you want to be remembered? How to you want to act. Who do you want to be. He uses a good analogy: Habit one is “You are the Program.” and Habit two is “Write the program.” If you are in control of your life, then decide what you want your life to be. Where to you want to be in 1, 3 or 10 years?

Simple, yes? I think so. I like how he pushes this concept as far as it can go. The way you react to people, the way that you act yourself, depends on what you see yourself doing in the future. From this Covey questions what's at your center, or what you base your life behind and which centers may be a mistake, taking you through examples of, say, how money centered people would react when they lose their money. Or spouse centered people react if their spouse isn't what they expect.

I like it because it's a simple concept with complex implications.

So the comic just really started and now I have to work on Friday's update. Third habit will be discussed then. See ya.

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