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Monday the 26th of July 2010
I've been experiencing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey. I'm always careful when it comes to self Help books for fear of convincing amounts of Bullshit. Being the man I am, I'm vulnerable to the sway of bullshit and often find myself buying cars I don't need because those damn commercials tell me not to wait. As I eat through the habits and headers in the book, I'm kind of careful to weight each nugget of wisdom against my own wishy-washy outlook on life and I got to say, I find the book most fascinating.

Right off the bat, the book basically say that your are in control of you. In the essence of bondage there lies a fundamentally human freedom of choice. The principle of choosing what goes on in your head. This runs parallel to my long standing motto, I am God of my own mind. At the same time, however, it also seems more empowering. A good foundation for the other six habits.

More importantly, given my feelings of depression and fear over the last week, punctuated by a somewhat lack luster first impression of the ocean at the empty can stricken Ocean City in Maryland, I really need to hear these things. I've been so plagued with doubt and uncertainty ebbing away at my hopes that I've wondered if drawing comics is really my fate in life. It's not just a want, to me. I need to draw, else I have no outlet of my often misguided, mistrusted, and misunderstood passion. Alone in my world of murderous children and hidden benevolence, I often feel I'm standing on the tip of forever with no-one, not even my wife, at my side. At least I now feel it's a question of where I want to be, not need to be.

On to the second habit, I venture.

p.s. New chapter start! Prepare philosophical debating between Laura and Saffron. p.p.s. Also, reading a book on Grammar. God help me.

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