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Friday the 23rd of July 2010
So, yeah. I'm depressed, if you couldn't tell. I was planning on selling the comic you guys read for the last week. I wanted to sell it ransom style. For every 15$ I received from no specific person, I would release a new page, and keep them coming. What a wonderful world if that worked. I don't know. If it didn't, I'd sell it issue by issue, I guess.

I don't know if I'll do it. If I did, it would become a more important job to me than Natch, because Natch gives me only your love and readership. I don't know. As the week has gone on, I've been writing the third chapter to Rhymah and Iden. Getting it proof read. Setting up routines to draw it. But not selling it. Just giving it away for nothing. Like I always have.

Once I'm tossed out of this house in September, I'll probably have to stop drawing Natch. I'll keep the site running, but I'll have no access to a computer to draw anymore. I fear I'll live out of my car with my wife and cat. That'll be adventurous. I'm not trying to guilt you all, I'm just tired of failing.

I'm tired of a lot of things.

Rhymah and Iden continues next week.

God, what a downer week.

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