The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 21st of July 2010
What was that about too many irons? Natch Evil web-comic, In the Red with Kagy, Some wacky Rabbit comic, Eye of Argon thingy, I'm dizzy. I feel my head floating behind me. All these things and I can't put a roof over my head with any of them. I feel the ticking of each sand in my personal hourglass. A sudden panic that what ever I do, it needs to be soon or I will live in a box next month. Worse, the I-told-you-so's of my friends and family. They were right. I should've stayed in Varkmore with my cushy labor job. I dared to dream and the dream bite back.

But enough of my depressed ramblings. Sure, I'm sad, but what can I do to avoid it? Um...I can start searching for a job. I wanted the comic to be the job, but there's no eating in the web-comic busyness. I can't eat your love and you can't support me.

I feel like I failed you. Mostly, tho, I feel like I failed myself.

Now what?

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