The Mike Says...
Monday the 19th of July 2010
Frustration is drawing a comic for seven years and making nearly zero dollars an hour for it. Despite my rumbling tummy and the rain on my head, I'm encouraged to give my art away. I'm so used to it that I fear selling it and feel guilty for wanting money. How dare I?

But it's not your fault. For God's sake, we are all made of our choices and not the choices of others. I blame myself for not jumping on the art-wagon earlier. I could have produced so many comics by now.

Now I feel trapped by what I think you will think when I start charging for my art. Soon it won't matter, of course. Soon I won't be able to draw in a sharable manner anymore. Poisoned by my own stupid inability to take charge of myself. I waited for someone to save me, and I will perish in the long run because of it.

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