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Wednesday the 14th of July 2010
For some reasons, in the last week or so, I've been plagued by fingers of wood and a muddled mind. I've decided to take up my morning walks again, sweating straight water out of my pours. No longer do I salt my perspiration. The hope is to increase my energy and decrease my waist-line, but we both know the futility of diet and exercise. Still, I slog away. I'm like a misguided ex-lover, still believing that Diet and exercise will have me back. She'll see the error of her ways, I just know it.

Along with the guilt of laziness, I've been bless with an abundance of inspiration in the form of eldritch games nearly unknown to the public. The best games always seem that way. I guess the masses enjoy cheap graphics and linear story to innovative game-play and when something truly original comes out, like the Void, it bounces off the average game player's thick exoskeleton of ignorance.

Not that I'm bitter.

I plan to drain the inspiration onto page, slashing at the surface with pens of steel in hopes of setting up something I can sell. Money is, after all, our greatest weakness, isn't it? However, I cannot rely on the lottery nor the kindness of strangers. Do I look like Blanche DuBois? The next project won't be free. Not really. I plan to get coin for it, unlike Natch.

Alright, I tire of this manifest synopsis. I'm going to punch cats and watch sailors barter. Until next time, Natchians, if that's your real name. See you next week.

Peace ouch.

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