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Thursday the 1st of July 2010
I dreamed, this morning. I'll finish quickly, because reading about dreams is stupid and boring.

I dreamed that we could clone anyone in history, but it would reused the soul of the cloned one. If you cloned Abraham Lincoln (and I did) you'd recall the soul of Abraham Lincoln. If you cloned Masamune Miyamoto (and I did) you'd reuse the soul of Masamune Miyamoto. So I cloned myself...

...and ended up with Saffron.

I think this is what the Internet refers as 'Dividing by Zero.' Stranger still, I found all this out at the end of the “story” my brain read me, which means my dream kept things from me. Hmmm...

It's meaning is unknown. If you have an interpretation, email me or something.

Comic will update tomorrow, too, to make up for lost time.

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