The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 23rd of June 2010
Donations: $150 out of $100.

So, here's the deal. Um... It takes me about $100 a year to keep this website afloat, not including the cost for net connection. I'm not worries about the net connection yet (but that's a close second). I do, however, need to worry about money to renew the site.

So, you like Natch Evil? I need $100 this year. I already got a commission for $45, so that's $55 needed. I'm not to proud to take donations, but I'm willing to do commissions for the dough, too. Also, there is still a shop page.

As for the net connection, I'm working on getting the House that XXX Built in book form and I'm gonna try and sell that off'a Lulu.

Anything you donate or higher me for is awesome, guys.


Edit: By my mother's dead legs, that was fast. I got the money to keep the site running for another year, yo! You guys are awesome!

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