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Friday the 18th of June 2010
So, yeah, I've watched and read Dance in the Vampire Bund, and I gotta tell you, as creepy as it is on a Lolicon level, it's not nearly as based as Tokyo Akazukin. In the beginning, they overt sexualization of Mina seems contrived, but gladly they slowly wane the theme out.

I mean, it's pretty obvious the author is taunting you with the idea that this vampire that looks like a little girl is well WELL into adult years, but still looks like a child, giving you that impossible scenario when the child is actually a mature adult. This is all fine, and I'm glad the author gets over this idea and starts focusing on the politics of starting a Vampire community in the middle of Tokyo Bay. This is all fine...until...

Once I got to the point of the strange and forbidden love affair between Nanami, a high school council Precedent made Vampire, and Yazuru-chan, a little boy whom befriended Nanami. Now we're honestly talking about a little boy-child and a high schooler who looks to be in her late teens. THIS is the point where I got uncomfortable. This tells me either the idea of lolicon is so prevalent in manga circles that I just ignore it and Shotacon freaks me out or that the honest idea of a closer to statutory relationship is more disturbing to me than outlandish vampire fiction.

Either way, I feel the manga was better than the anime.

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