The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 16th of June 2010
I've caught up with my pages. If you haven't read them yet, they now have words. WOO! Linky Link-link.

The past week was strange and frightening, but for different reasons than normal. I've watched a couple of anime, read a few manga and comics, bought mint conditions of my favorite comic book for 10$, been re-introduced to an old friend, worries about money, sex, politics, and my cat, and finally ate some delicious food from my family-in-law. Despite all that, I've still found great joyin the drawing of these pages, tho they were not done in a very timely manner. I wonder what's different from when I was spitting out pages a day at a time? Hmmm...

Well, blindly forward I stumble into the unknown beyond the veil of the present. (did I mension I've been reading Lovecraft some more?) Who knows how much longer I can keep this up while being unemployed with no significant income. WHEEEE!!!

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