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Monday the 7th of June 2010
NE755: Saffron C. Sativus and Laura Whitehurst Right, I'ma take a little break, but only a little. I want to get into writing the comic. I just broke through today, which is why I'm late updating, but...uh...yeah. Anyway, as I draw the pages, I'll still show what's what, you just might not get story for a bit. Just pics.

Honestly, there's no reason I shouldn't update with...something every Mon/Wed/Fri. I just don't know what that Something is until I get a good pattern down of writing the comic, sending it to be proof read, and posting pages. God, I wish I knew what I was doing. It's still a learning process, so bare with me.

Doing this for a living is not easy, I'll tell you that.

Peace ouch, yo.

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