The Mike Says...
Friday the 4th of June 2010
So...I need cash, right? And my favorite way to get cash is Commissions, right? I don't know. Something about filling in the blanks when someone tells me what to draw. It's like a puzzle, but I get to make the pieces.

You...uh...You guys wanna commission me? I mean, We can work something out, right? I'm just saying. Well, I figure I should flatten my prices. I totally do Avatars for 5$ bucks a pop. Figure on sketches for 10$ bucks, Black and Whites for 25$ and full color and stuff for 50$. Anything more complicated, we can talk about. wanna pay me for drawing? I got this natchevil at email thingy just for you. Seriously.

Peace Ouch, guys.

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