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Wednesday the 19th of May 2010
*sigh* Okay, first off, you're going to need to read this. Link

Now, we got that bit of hillarity out of the way, here's my beef. It is NOT trying children for terrorist activity or how over board the community and, really, schools have gotten. It's how they are only doing their job half way. There is no consistancy. I'll give you an example:

There's a darkskined man in a turban pointing his finger at a woman in school and makes “pew pew” noises. He is arrested for terrorist threats. What happens to him? Well, the police would be there to arrest him, he'de be detained in a jail cell for two to tweleve weeks awaiting trail, assuming he'd get one under the Patriot Act. Maybe sentenced to jail in a more long term fashion.

No, a little 13 year old girl points her finger at a woman in school and “pew pew” noises. She's charged with making a terrorist threat and suspended for three days?

I'm not against the racial proffiling, I'm FOR sending the girl to jail for two to twelve weeks awaiting trail, assuming she get's one! Send that bitch to Getmo...Um...Bring back Getmo and send ALL the children there for Cops and Robbers games. I'm sick of this double standard. If you seriously are going to charge that little girl as a terrorist, do it right, you pussies! Terrorist Threat is a treasonous offense of which the penalty is DEATH! I'm not kidding. Show you have the BALLS to do this all the way and murder the little girl for pointing her finger at a teacher!



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