The Mike Says...
Monday the 17th of May 2010
I'm going to be frank. This page sucks. I hate it. I hated it when I started it. I don't like Flush and Straight, they are my least favorite characters just above Jill and Nero, so why am I writing it like this? Cuz it's a study of Saffron outside of Saffron. Meanwhile, the research I needed to do to make the inside of the airplane and the necessary perspective drove me insane. This was a rough page to come back to.

I did take a couple week break. Sorry. It's mostly due to the horrible heat we've been having, and my makeshift studio is prone to heat. I got a heat rash ALL over my body. After that, it was a struggle to get back into the take of drawing. Oh...And I was busy...sort of...with Kagy's blog. Oh, and the insomnia. I haven't slept right since Tuesday night. Again, the body rash kept me up. Ugh.

Life is pain, right now. I haven't even started on my family troubles, but Meh. I'll be better when we get back to Lil' Saffron's story. I like drawing her.

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