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Tuesday the 4th of May 2010
A fine day to you all. I am currently sweating up a storm. My armpits are like it's own ecosystem now. It's hot. This is the reason you didn't get a comic yesterday. When I'm hot, I don't draw. Of course that begs the question 'What Happened to your Two Comics a Day thing, Mike?' to which the answer is 'Shut Up.'

Meantime, I am enjoying Kagy's show. It's like an exercise in creative free writing, but somehow more fun, plus I like her taste in music. A little link in the left-nav is up, if you're interested. Planing on opening a new T-Shirt shop, soon'ish. Got an Idea for a T-Shirt? I'll consider that a donation. Just yell at me in the Manor, or shoot an email to natchevil @ gmail . com.

Well, we got the interwebs working on the PS3, and I've been watching Let's Plays of old Commodore 64 games. Very surreal.

Peace Ouch.

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