The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 28th of April 2010
In the future, people will run at each other with chainsaws and knives. Firearms will spray bullets as fast as the finger can trigger. In fact, a new kind of carpel tunnel, one specialized in the index finger, will become epidemic. That's a problem because all the doctors will use their anatomical knowledge for surgical execution.

When you walk into a restaurant, side stepping the cleaver wielding waiter, you may find the prices on living baby to be quite reasonable for the first few months. As the population dwindles, of course, and man's obsession with rape declines in favor of mass killing, the prices may raise as supply drops.

I dislike the primal killers, choosing the favor the surgical stingers, instead, and humanity will torture itself to death, slicing lacerations, one after the other, across it's chest in a X pastern. Cross my heart. Hope to die.

I'm just getting sick of these sharks swimming in monetary pools. Can we hurry up and destroy the world, now?

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