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Monday the 26th of April 2010
I wish this weren't true, but it's always seemed to be this way. I suppose that a good and happy life means you never have to get stronger to make it through, but it also means you're not used to striving for something. Without failure, it seems, there is no true success.

In this way, it's sort of a cruelty to make children's lives better. All you're doing with your kindness is making them weaker. But enough about these implications.

I walked about the house and asked people if they felt this was true, and honestly, no one seemed to have an opinion. I guess they weren't ready to think about it. This makes for an interesting approach, I think, to Saff's life. She's a girl who has no tragedy nor trauma in her life, yet grows up to be a great killer.


Hey, if yo have an opinion, shoot me an Email (natchevil @ gmail . com) or get on the forum. Today's subject is Do Great People come only from tragedy?

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