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Friday the 23rd of April 2010
Yes, like many others in the 80's, I was diagnosed with hyperactive disorder. That was the name of ADHD or ADD back in the day. This is a chronic condition (meaning you have it for life) and it basically comes down to being easily distracted or in desperate need of stimulation. Most adults who have this condition are only aware that something is wrong, but they are not sure what. They feel like they're lazy or stupid, because that's where the evidence seems to point.

Do I use this as a crutch? No. I really never bring it up. Not even with the Mrs. So why am I talking about it?

Well, I saw a commercial last night that made me wonder, as I always do for Charity or Medical ads, who was paying for it and where the money was coming from. After I got over my initial anger at the bullshit the leaks out of my television speakers, I realized that I forgot I had ADHD. Somewhere back in the last couple of months, I lost all my organizations and routines I put in place to keep me in check. Mostly, I've just been making plans and not following through with them. A common practice with my kind.


What am I going to do about it? I donno. Trouble is, if I make a plan to fix this failing, I may not follow through with it.

Also, I miss putting out daily comics. I sort of used the stress of keeping up to drive me forward each day. Now I'm back to my Meh self.


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