The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 14th of April 2010
Hey good news! Well, good for you. Meh okay for me.

I got internets! WOO!

Why good? It means I don't have to dilly dally around for trying to get my comic up on site in time! <_< Except for this time, cuz I was playing on the internet all yesterday instead of drawing. Shut up.

Why 'Bad' for me? Cuz it means that I have to work harder (smarter?) and make money to support my Internet habits! Ugh. Okay, it actually means I must work a little quicker on things like advertisements and such.

Anywho, we're back to three updates a week, Mon/Wed/Fri, but I'm feeling good about the comic books being printed.

More on that later, and peace ouch.

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