The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 17th of March 2010
Alright, it's the long awaited Part Three of Rhymah and Iden, and unlike the others, this issue is meant to be a jumping off point for new readers.

You Hear That New Folks!
This Issue is for YOU!

So, anyway, I'm hoping to finish this comic by the end of next month, even though the comic is 20 to 22 pages long. By the end, you should be up to date on who's who, and the main characters involved in Little Saff's adventure with Laura Whitehurst.

After the first may be pulling off a dick move, but now I have an Editor, so I'm going to talk it over with him. Until then, by all means, enjoy, but be warned, old Natchians, for after Rhymah and Iden is over, the whole dynamic of the show should change, and you're going to meet the wider wolrd of Natch Evil.

Peace ouch, yo!

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