The Mike Says...
Friday the 5th of March 2010
Just south of Baltimore City, there's a tiny little barber shop where this woman took over after working there for 6 years. She's been in charge for about 7 months, now, and is trying to scrub clean the reputation of the shop after the previous owner made it infamous for drug trafficking, prostitution, and general ickyness. She said once she had the floors scrubbed and polished, she was surprised to discover they were blue underneith.

Pretty friendly woman, actually. She charged me Ten, I gave her twelve. She's finally doing what she wants, running her own barbershop. Now it's a matter of slow building up of customers. Eventually she'll have regulars and ads in the paper, and more employees. Life's great when you're working on what you love, I guess.

Gee, that'd be nice.

P.S. Yeah, I know. The little girls' gloves are missing. Rats. I forgot about them.

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