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Monday the 22nd of February 2010
Here's the central problem with a lot of people's life. They need, IMHO, a center or a sense of spirituality. I don't mean God, in the traditional sense, but something they can center their lives around. I mean, a key element that gives them drive. Either these people do not have such a drive, or they are afraid to pursue this drive. Now the people who truly believe in a God (or there lack of) and dedicate themselves to this cause completely truly lead happy lives. We don't just need work to live, but purpose.

I'm thinking, honestly, of people like John Cusack in "Being John Malcovitch," only in the beginning. Here's a guy I honestly related to. He's living his life in a rather frivolous pursuit of puppetry, and no one can understand his art. He puts on shows with mature content and deep philosophy (stupidly in public) but despite his passion, he's hitting a wall. Forced out into the wilderness, he must take a job rather than do what he loves. This is the tragedy of humanity.

<_< Um...This is also coming from a man who makes no money off of his comic that are drawn in the attic of his wife's parent's house. 9_9 I'm real broke.

I just depressed myself. :P

Peace ugh.

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