The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 17th of February 2010
A renews sense of what I live for has recently smacked me in the back of the skull, messing up my eye-sight due to brain damage. I've always known, of course...well, always since college, anyway. Authors like Will Eisner and Scott McCloud only strengthen my resolve and I've come to realize something of a puzzle.

If I truly do live to draw comics, then what is work but a reason to draw more comics. It's a tricky predicament, you see, in that I'm not working now, thus more comic drawing, but if I have to work, I draw less. Or is it more.

I don't know, I'm still working on it. Well, who ISN'T working out the conundrum of their own purpose.

Meanwhile, here's a little story about the pointlessness of life.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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