The Mike Says...
Monday the 15th of February 2010
So, my Internet is flaky, lately. Not really for any other reason than my main Internetting computer is all flubbered up and we have to flip through hoops to get it to work correctly. Assuming it even works at all. If you're reading this, it worked.

Meanwhile, I salute my annual salute to international Love and Pity day. The day that when you have love, it's great, and if your don't, everyone pities you and your mournful filthy life. Don't worry, everyone. There's someone out there for you're a nobody. Then your don't count as real people.

Hey, cheer up. I'm just saying you'll die alone, unloved, and forgotten. If you're still feeling sorry about it, why not swallow a hand full of pills and wash it down with whiskey? Liquor and pills don't judge you like the rest of the world does. Or how about bungee jumping off the rafters with a wound up piece of piano wire? It's fun and exciting and extra sexy if your masturbate while you do it.

You hear that? DO IT!


Ahem...And peace ouch, yo.

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