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Friday the 15th of January 2010
In the processes of overcoming my addiction to Let's Plays (Damn you!) and finishing up the final outline of the story.

Regarding the next story arch, I've decided to redesign everyone in it (Don't ask) and redo the original outline. ^_^ I wanted it to be a little more like a Love story and crazy-shit-goes-down story. Mostly it's going to be about how Saffron, as a child, grows into the lovable killer she is today and how Saffron, as a grown up, find out stuff that changes her entire look on life.

If you haven't read the first two parts of Rhymah and Iden, you shouldn't need to. I'm planing to loop part three into itself quite nicely, if I can, so that I'll eventually be able to print it in book form. It's going to be long.

Hope the epicness isn't a problem. I DID just finish the equivalent of a 120 page book, so...we'll see.

<_< Um...
>_> Uh...
*watches more LP of Secret of Mana*

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