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Friday the 25th of December 2009
Merry Greed Day, everybody! ^_^ If Thanks Giving is Gluttony Day, then this must SURELY be Greed day.

Hope you guys are having a great holiday! It's going to be until next year before I start drawing again, but at least I can say I've completed this story line. ^_^ And soon I'll release clues to the final puzzle hidden in the comic, though this one is slightly more esoteric.

A big hug goes out to all the Natchians on the Forum that let me use their likeness, even though I got their personalities horrible wrong. I got a few “I would never do that” and “That's not the way I would run” comments (don't complain too much. You're entitled to a free compy of the book once it hit's print), but we finally made it to the end.

And not just to the Manor guests with Avvies, Thanks you to everyone who read the comic up to this point and especialy everyone who reads my little comments down here.

Next up? The conclusion of Rhymah and Iden.

Peace ouch, and Merry Christmas!

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