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Monday the 21st of December 2009
Right, so. Per D.C.'s suggestion, I'm watching LordKaT videos, Until I Win. Seriously, tho, this dude is both hard core and a great reason to get back into 8-bit gaming. For You kids reading, 8-Bit games are the one's that Mommy and Daddy played.

LordKaT is phycho-cool, tho, cuz he takes on the games on their own terms, and when you have an emulator, that's hella-core. Dude gives you tips on taking on and beating Battle Toads, Deadly Towers, and even lame-hard games like Hylye. I'm say'n this KaT goes after all the games and dies over and over, but doesn't quit until he wins, and...Damn, man. Just damn.

O_O But you wanna know what he won that blew me away?

\ Silver Surfer


Now I have this weird urge to break out my nintendo and start playing Solstice again...or (God Help me) Ninja Gaiden. Until I win.

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