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Sunday the 20th of December 2009
Soooo...I've only just now got into Angel Sanctuary, at least the OVA, and my got there's a lot of Exposition. I mean, cliché amounts. At least they're getting it out of the way in the beginning, but there's a lot of loose ends that you wanna leave open, guys. Imagine this conversation.

Steve: Well, Yuki, my brother, it's a good thing I was here to save you from the intergalactic monster known as Char-Face the Fallen Angel, from eviscerating you and eating your insides therefore regaining his power as the God of Mucus.

Yuki: Yes, Steve my brother and body-guard-accountant-chef, I was lucky enough to trip the spring-loaded trap on the floor opening a portal to your executive bathroom on the 30th sub-basement floor below the white house. Now let us both head to Black's, which is, as we both know, my favorite pub in this tiny college town of Spring Hill.

Both: Splendid!

I'm just say'n. There's such a thing as pacing.

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