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Thursday the 17th of December 2009
Okay, Soooo....Fruit Basket. As far as anime goes, it's so so. It's actually kind of sad. Neither the animation nor the music can keep up with the anime's strength, it's story. The tale of the Sohma family is far deeper and more interesting than the tripe tunes you hear orchestrated around it by casio keyboards. Not that I'm bitter.

I'll tell you, I haven't finished, but what I've seen so far is a guilty pleasure for a manly man like myself. 9_9 I didn't cry, I swear. Actually, there's a mere few chick-flick anime's that I like (Marmalade Boy and Oran High School Host Club) and now I can add this one, but it's certainly not because of it's quality. *sigh* Now, before you hit me with an angry E-Mail, understand that I'm not dissing the story. The stories fine. It's the animation and music that sucks. O_O If you wanna flame me, talk about those two schools of production, please. Remember what the "What You Ought To Know" guys say. "Flame responsibly."

Also, good luck finding my email. MWA HA HA HA HA!!!

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